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Aepoch is a Bully automaton made by Areallycoolusername. It has some properties added to resemble the properties of a fractal.


Aepoch starts out with an infinite grid. A cell at a specified point is set to 0. Afterwards, the 4 cells adjacent to the starting cell are also set to 0. The function, f(x) = 4x + x^2 is applied to each cell. Each cell is unchanged, as the solution of this function if x = 0 is still zero. The cell that is exactly 1 cell to the right of the cell that is 1 cell to the right of the initial cell is also set to 0, and will undergo the same process that he initial cell underwent. A cell in a point exactly 5 blocks away in a random side of the starting 5 cells, will be set to the starting cells state incremented by 1, and it will undergo the same process that the initial cell did. All state changes will happen in one clock cycle, and will continue to do so until it is stopped in some way.