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ASCIIfuck is a variation of brainfuck by User:ChuckEsoteric08 which uses ASCII values of a characters.


brainfuck is encoded as follows:

  • Take ASCII value of character
  • If it has three digits, add first two
  • First digit of an operation represents brainfuck command like that:
    • 1 is +
    • 2 is -
    • 3 is >
    • 4 is <
    • 5 is ,
    • 6 is .
    • 7 is [
    • 8 is ]
    • Anything else is invalid
  • Second represents how many times command is repeated.




Hello world

eGpyo{eys*Q)p)qQyo=!e= >gG=yQ,=g=t=*o="e=

brainfuck interpreter (dbfi)

!eHoQ GoQfyeykG)h f)oGf eyeyiGyfyj*pQe+3)fHyGo Q)G Q*oQ)G)Q)e GyQyG)eyoH)eyoGyG)IoG)Gf)oGymyG)oyoQ Q R*Q)H)QyHyQ G QeG*Q)G)Q)e �QyGyQeGo Q,H*Q)G)Qe*Geye*oGypye*oGye)G e*oSyG)eyoQ)Qf p)GyQ G R*G e)H)Q)QyH*Q)G)QeGo)e oG*eyfyoG)oy*e oS)Gye)oQyQyGyQyQyG Q Q*G e e Q*Go&Q*Gy=%Q*Gyo#Q*Gy3!Q*GyeyQ*Ge*Q)Q


  • Common Lisp implementation of the ASCIIfuck programming language.

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