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APLBAONWSJAS, or A Programming Language By Any Other Name Would Smell Just As Sweet, is an esoteric programming language designed by User:Vriskanon. It consists of only one command and has never been implemented with an interpreter, although an interpreter for it could be made using APLBAONWSJAS.



Every program consists of a single line of code, EXECUTE(n), where 'n' is the name of a programming language and nothing else. APLBAONWSJAS, upon being run, will run the EXECUTE command and display an interpreter for that programming language. From there, the user must input code manually and then re-run the program, which will run in the executed language. This second-wave programming is considered input in the code, though.

Example programs

Python Interpreter


Hello, world!

To do this, the Python Interpreter code must be run, followed by the user inputting the following:

print("Hello, world!")

The code for the hello world program is:


although there are many ways to produce the hello world program.



The following interpreter is written in APLBAONWSJAS:


In other languages