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A345120268A9 is a tape-based language based off of brainfuck & designed by User:RXVT100


A345120268A9 has 14 commands, 13 not including np (NOP)

every command is 2 characters and takes up to 4 arguments

Command Description
mp move the pointer, relatively or absolutely
rt read a value/all values from the tape. print as digits.
wt write tape. values can be from -18446744073709551615 to 18446744073709551615
bo bit operation. AND, OR, and XOR can be used.
ri read input. can be read in like brainfuck or raw to the cell
cm compare. can use `=`, `!=`, `>` and `<`
em extra math. can use `**`, `%`, `*`, and `/`
rb read binary. write the current cells ASCII value as raw data
pt print text. uses `printf "%b"`
sv save value. can save all cell values or pointer value
lv load value. can only be done if there are saved values.
np nop. do nothing.
cl call. source a bash script.
wn while not. run commands until a condition is met.

'relative' is adding or subtracting to the current value

'absolute' is declaring the value, like `x=5` instead of `x+=5`


Cheat Hello World:

pt "Hello, World!"

'Real' Hello World:

wt a + 72;rb;wt a + 101;rb;wt r + 7;rb;rb;wt r + 3;rb;wt a + 44
rb;wt r - 12;rb;wt a + 87;rb;wt r + 24;rb
wt r + 3;rb;wt r - 6;rb;wt r - 8;rb;wt r - 67;rb;wt r - 23;rb


Interpreter & full command/argument list