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91v is an esoteric programming language created by User:Zero player rodent. It only has 9 memory cells that can be accessed. It has a large amount of commands, but the language is much less powerful than some other, more minimalistic languages, mostly because of the memory limitations. Although there are only 9 memory cells to be used, each cell can store infinitely large numbers.


Command Outcome
1 Pointer jumps to cell 1, and adds 1 to pointer's memory.
2 Pointer jumps to cell 2, and adds 2 to pointer's memory.
3 Pointer jumps to cell 3, and adds 3 to pointer's memory.
4 Pointer jumps to cell 4, and adds 4 to pointer's memory.
5 Pointer jumps to cell 5, and adds 5 to pointer's memory.
6 Pointer jumps to cell 6, and adds 6 to pointer's memory.
7 Pointer jumps to cell 7, and adds 7 to pointer's memory.
8 Pointer jumps to cell 8, and adds 8 to pointer's memory.
9 Pointer jumps to cell 9, and adds 9 to pointer's memory.
? Pointer jumps to a random cell.
v Adds the number stored in the pointer's memory to cell the pointer is on.
" Prints the ASCII character associated with the number on the cell the pointer is on.
p Prints the pointer's memory as a number.
o Prints the value of the cell that the pointer is on.
{ Sets the value of the cell that the pointer is on to 0.
} Sets the pointer's memory to 0.
$ Gets a character from the input and stores it as an ASCII value in the cell the pointer is on.
; Goes past the next ":" if the value of the cell the pointer is on is equal to 0.
: Goes to last ";" if the value of the cell the pointer is on is higher than 0.



This program counts until the program is manually terminated.


This program is a small slot machine game. Keep trying until you match three characters.

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