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5code is a bf derivative created by User:CodeIsEsotericWithMe.


There is a "robot" that moves around the following square, starting at room X:

|. |O |, |
|- |X |< |
|+ |# |> |

When the robot enters +-,.>< the respective command is executed, then the robot goes to room X. The robot has a toggle thas is set to 0, an infinite tape, all set to 0, and a pointer. The rooms are as follows:

+: Increment the cell and trigger the toggle.
-:Decrement the cell.
>:Move the pointer right.
<:Move the pointer left.
.:Output the cell.
,:Input a value from STDIN to the cell.


^:If on room O, go right. Else, go up.
<:Go left.
v:If the toggle is at 1, go right. Else, go down. In either case, trigger the toggle.
[ and ]: as bf.