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2050706 is an esoteric macro language created by User:sigurdwe. It is a high-level procedural language based on C. The goals of the language are zero grammar, zero compilation errors and a total focus on numerics.


2050706 code is translated to C by a simple program and then compiled as usual. The code consists only of the digits 0-9. A statement contains a variable number of digits, decided by the first digits of the statement itself. The code for the minimal output program is 50, which outputs the number 0 to screen. Being a totally numeric language, it can not produce any "Hello world" program. A bigger example is this two-statement program:


The program takes two parameteres, multiplies them them together, assigns the product to a variable and outputs the value of that variable.


The variables are stored in two-dimensional grids, one for integers and one for floats. These will expand when a variable of an index outside the grid is declared, as in Matlab and similar. Functions can be defined, and elementary mathematical functions manipulating floats are borrowed from C. Integer output to files and automatic import of a programs source into the integer variable grid makes a program able to manipulate its own source code.

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