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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

2002-12-14 is an upcoming esolang by User:Yes that is based on the oldest freenode #esoteric irc log he could find on logs.esolangs.org

Current Iteration

There are 6 variables.
However, only 3 are avalible, as in the log, fizzie and lament does not make an apperance, by that I mean not send messages, and lameAFK is just lament's nickname.

Format for instruction:
-!- var has joined                             Define <var> if it is <fizzies>, <navigator>, or <calamari>
-!- var has left ("parting message")           Delete <var> (parting message is not required)
-!- var has changed nickname to ("nick")       NOP (this does nothing)
hr:min:sec    <var>     Message/Commands       Command format


Commands are based on how many "words" are in a message.

Caption text
How many "words" Description
1 Execute the next message as Chicken code, in the sense that every word repersents "chicken"
2 Execute the next message if variable = 0 otherwise, skip it
3 Set variable to variable + 1
4 Set variable to variable - 1
5 Get (value in variable) bytes from input and store each character as an individual ascii value onto the Chicken stack
6 Output variable as ascii character
7 Get input and output value of input
8+ Set the variable to current value of variable + (words on current line)


One Line Chicken Interpeter

01:01:00 -!- fizzies has joined
01:01:01 <fizzies> chicken
01:01:02 <fizzies> {Put line of chicken code here}

One time Cat program

12:34:56 -!- navigator has joined
12:34:57 <navigator> hey is anyone online right now ??


NO USER                Invalid var
NO -!-                 Invalid -!-
NO WORD MSG            "Message" has no words
T.I.J.H.S.T.I.M.E.     This Is Just Here So There Is More Errors
NO NAME ERROR          Unknown error
NO COMPLETE LINE       Incomplete line (eg., 12:00:00 <fizz )