13 bytes :D

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13 bytes :D
Designed by Esolang1
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation See page
Influenced by 16 bytes :P, Python
Influenced 9 bytes :I
File extension(s)

13 bytes :D is an esoteric programming language made by User:Esolang1 inspired by 16 bytes :P, which was inspired by 25 bytes o:. The original goal was to create world's smallest compiler/interpreter.


Any valid Python expression is a valid 13 bytes :D program. This excludes conditionals and assignment, but the use of lambda allows for arbitrary lambda calculus expressions to be implemented in 13 bytes :D, thus making 13 bytes :D Turing complete. If, instead of 13 bytes :D source code, user input were run, then 13 bytes :D would be ℒ-complete.



The following Python code is the compiler of this language.


While this is the official compiler, it has an error of floating-point arithmetic.


1 + 1

1 + 1


(-1) ** (1 / 2)