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A programming language that uses only binary*

(*You need to convert the symbols into binary)

The name came from 0b and the file extension .bin

The Unbined How to
+ add 1 to selected item
- subtract
( loop based on number (eg, 1())
) end loop
[ move pointer
] move pointer
string to item
~ escape loop

Convert the symbols to binary, then put them together into one single line

Caption text
Header text Header text
0b start a line, can begin with a letter or number because function
_ do function (eg 1_)
= output the selected item
. reset the pointer back to 0
$ begin program
; end program
{ start the “normalized” 0bIN code
} end the normal cod
: seporate

Btw the comments are #

Xkcd Random Number


Better looking xkcd




Better looking version


Hello World

{“Hello, World!”}

One line helloworld:

$:{“Hello, World!”}:=:; #Pretty Short