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... is an esolang created by randomIdiot. There are only 3 Symbols:

  • .
  • :
  • Spaces

The code is seperated in 2-Symbol-Blocks. Here is what they mean:

Combination Action
.: Increase Cell Value
:. Decrease Cell Value
.. Change Cell Action
:: Execute Cell
.SPACE Increase Pointer
SPACE. Decrease Pointer

The Cell-System is like in Brainfuck. You have cells which you can go to (de-/increase pointer) and store values. But in ... you can also store actions. Every cell is an executable program.


There are 2 Actions: Input and output. They work like in Brainfuck. Input saves the input as a number in the current cell. Output prints the current cell value. Standard action saved in a cell is output.


Coming soon


Coming soon