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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is {}s.

{}s (pronounced: Sets) is an esolang made by User:AmNow.


{}: Expression (can be nested) ie: {%+%}
%: the constant 2.
(ANY NUMBER): A variable.
<: Assignment. ie: 2<{%/%}
Note: The value before the < operator must be a number, not a billion %s, strung with math. (Don’t worry, it will not represent the value in it.)
[x, {...}]: Loop, While x isn’t 0, do the expression.
+,-,*,/ are math operators, referring to plus, minus, multiply, and divide respectively. {}s follows PEMDAS order.
=: Equal To
\: NOT Equal to
~: Less Than
$: Greater Than
&: Logical AND
@: Logical OR
|: Logical XOR
!: Logical NOT
#: switches from Unicode character output to Number output and vice versa. (starts on Unicode)

A write to 0 will print the value assigned to it (like 0 in `) and a reference to 1 will get from the input.

EOF is 0.


Truth Machine

# 2<1 0<2 [2, {0<2}]

Computational Class

The computational class of {}s is unknown. It may be discovered in the future.