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🥺 is an unstack-based esoteric programming language written in 2021 by User:RocketRace. It is inspired by bottom by kaylynn234. It is a dialect of "bottom", a natural language used by bottoms.


🥺 programs consist of a sequence of please-s to the runtime. Each please takes an argument as an integer (written in unary, as repeated 🥺 characters). Other characters are ignored.


Please-s operate on the unstack, which is like a stack but reversed; values are pushed and popped from/to the bottom of the unstack, and propagate upwards.

Once the program halts, the unstack is printed, from the bottom up. By default, each value should be encoded in unary (as repeated 🥺 characters) and delimited by a newline. Programs may choose to optionally encode the integers as unicode codepoints.


Pushes an integer N to the bottom of the unstack.
Pops an integer from the unstack, and pushes the result of floor division of that integer by N to the unstack.
Take the Nth value in the unstack and swap it with the bottom value.
Pops two integers from the unstack, then pops and discards N values from the unstack, then pushes the product of the two popped integers to the unstack.
Duplicates the N values at the bottom of the unstack.
Pop a value from the bottom of the unstack. Jump back N instructions if the value is nonzero.



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