「Zero Existance⇩」

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「Zero Existance⇩」 is a language that comes with a README.txt for how to use a slightly modified version of Burn and the only compiler that actually works for that version. However the program only works when the current user as an existence level of zero or less. Meaning the current user has:

  • Been completely forgotten by everyone
  • Died
  • Not had any records.

Basically, there is no way to know who the user was, and ONLY then would the compiler work.

If the current user exists in ANY way. The compiler auto-deletes itself. (Also this program is technically Turing complete and is 2D like Burn, but I will not put that there due to the unusable it is. In fact I put uncomputable since a computer cannot really know if a user exists without waiting a billion years.)

(Also ⇩ is the bad way of saying "or definitely less than" in the place someone thought this was a good idea, which basically means arbitrary notation. Also this is obviously based off of ( )