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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

⦿⚚♆⚧⟁⌬⚶⟆⚡⟴⚘⍟⚕⧏⚜⫷⚡⌛⍨⚭⟊⚳⦾⏁⚋⟾⚬ pronounced unicode shit is a esolang about making functions for a stack by defining rules. these are the commands:

symbol discreption example
-> used to show: this function makes it so if we have this state then it becomes another state print:(stack)[{X}, I]->[I]
(...) what we are showing. there is stack which is the stack and there is console which is where text is printed and deleted which is just where things that is no longer on in the code is put print:(stack)[{X}, I]->(stack)[I], (console)[X]
{...} the object we are using print:(stack)[{X}, I]->(stack)[I], (console)[X]
>...< the index of a object. index 1 is the top of the stack (stack)[{X}, I]->[I],(deleted)[X]
-- undefine a rule F:... -- -> (deleted)[F]