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′ (pronounced "nothing prime") is an esoteric programming language made by User:Rehydratedmango designed to have as few symbols as possible. In ′, every function is a string of prime symbols.


By default, there is only one function: ′. It returns the same thing it gets as input, unless there is no input, in which case it returns ′. When a function is called by itself, any returned values will be output to the console. Defining a new function is done by writing the function name, followed by a list of functions delimited by whitespace. The inputs of the main function are passed to the constituent functions in order from left to right, filling as many inputs as possible. The outputs of these functions are concatenated to become the main function's output. So ′′ ′ ′ defines a function named ′′ that takes two inputs and passes them both to ′, before concatenating the results and returning them. If a function inside a function definition returns nothing, the next function in the definition will be skipped. So if you call ′′ ′′′ ′, and ′′′ returns nothing, then the whole output of the function will equal nothing.


This program calculates 10+10 (pretty much the only thing this language can do)

′′′′′′′′′′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
'' ′′′′′′′′′′ ′′′′′′′′′′

This program enters an infinite loop and never outputs anything

''' '''

The program outputs itself, making it a very small quine