Мне с тобою так повезло

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Мне с тобою так повезло
Paradigm(s) Functional
Designed by User:Hakerh400
Appeared in 2021
Computational class Turing complete
Major implementations Interpreter
File extension(s) .txt

Мне с тобою так повезло is a functional Turing-complete esoteric programming language invented by User:Hakerh400 in 2021.


This language operates on strings. Everything is a string, including functions. Each function can be stringified and each string can be executed.


  • . - Get the current argument as a string
  • # - Get the current function as a string
  • *abc| - If string a starts with bit 1 then call b with the rest, otherwise call c with the rest
  • @ab| - Make a pair of a and b
  • <a| - Get the first element of pair a
  • >a| - Get the second element of pair a
  • 0a - Prepend bit 0
  • 1a - Prepend bit 1
  • (a) - High precedence group
  • [a] - Stringify function a


Cat program


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Invert bits


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Reverse bits


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Hello, World!


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