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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.
Designed by User:CappyIsCrappy
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Unknown
Reference implementation Unimplemented
Influenced by Folders
File extension(s) None

\/ is a esolang created by User:CappyIsCrappy which looks like a bunch of arrows.


A program consists of a root directory, which contains more directories (directory content enclosed with \/).


Commands change depending on the amount of directories in the current directory. Note that execution starts in the root directory. Whitespace is ignored. Any invalid characters throw exceptions.

Control flow

Control flow is for controlling the program's flow.

Amount of directories Command
0 or 1 NOP and execute directory to the right (in case of moving out of root, just halts execution and if on the left boundary, go back 1 directory level).
2 Go back 1 directory level, and if on root directory also halts.
3 Remove current directory
4 Basically NOP, except that it goes to the left.
5 Move execution to the root directory.
6 If the directory to the right doesn't have 0 directories, go forward 1 directory level, otherwhise move to the left.
7 Remove this directory and go back 1 level (throws exception if deletes root).
8 Add a directory to the right of the currently executing one (will always be jumped over since it's always a NOP).
9 Go inside the currently executing directory.


These commands are for input and output.

Amount of directories Command
10 Input a number n and place n directories in a new directory to the right of the current directory and goes out of the current directory.
11 Basically 10 directories but with Unicode instead of numbers.
12 Output the amount of directories to the right of this directory.
13 Basically 12 directories but it outputs Unicode.


Comments are enclosed by pipe characters.


Infinite loop


Legible version:

  \/\/ |Go back|
 \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ |There are 9 directories in root, so it executes the first one.|

Goes back and forth indefintely.



Deletes root, which as stated, throws an exception.

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