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Paradigm(s) String-rewriting paradigm
Designed by .yazic
Appeared in 2023
Computational class TODO: categorise
Major implementations TODO: implement
Influenced by ///, Thue
File extension(s) .bs

\\\ or Backslashes, is a minimalist esoteric programming language created by User:.yazic in 2023, and was inspired by /// and Thue.


First the text is parsed for replacement rules \foo\bar\ where foo is the pattern to be replaced and bar is the replacement pattern, then a random available replacement rule is selected and all instances of foo after the rule are replaced by bar. This is repeated until there is no rule that can replace anything and so the program halts and prints out any text thats left.

  • replacement Code:\ab\c\ ab ab Output: c c
  • attempt to replace nothing will print the replacement out and pick a new ruleCode:\\!\ Output:!

Everything inbetween two vertical lines | is treated as a |comment| and is ignored.

The forward slash / is a special character that allows for multiple pattern replacements

  • like this Code:\a/b\c\ a.b adb Output: c.c cdc
  • or like this Code:\a/b\c/d\ a.b afb Output: c.d cfd
  • or like this Code:\a/b/a\c\ a.b a.b Output: c.c c.b
    • the patterns have to be in order Code:\a/b\c\ a.b b.a Output: c.c b.a
  • if there is more to replace than replacements then it cycles through the replacements
    • like this Code:\a/b/c\d/e\ a.b.c a.b.c Output: d.e.d e.d.e
  • if there is more replacements than to replace then it adds excess replacements to the initial ones
    • like this Code:\a\b/c/d\ a a Output: bcd bcd
    • or like this Code:\a/b\c/d/e\ a.b a.b Output: ce.de ce.de
    • or like this Code:\a/b\c/d/e/f\ a.b a.b Output: ce.df ce.df
  • which allows for this Code:\a/b/c\d/e/f/g/h\ a.b.c a.b.c Output: dg.eh.fg dh.eg.fh

It also esapes other special characters.

  • like this Code:/|Hello,world!|Goodbye,World! Output:|Hello,world!
  • and it still works for multiple pattern replacements Code:\a/\\b//\ a\\c\ Output: b/c
    • note that this may also outputc b/c


Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Truth machine

On 0 outputs 0 and halts, on 1 outputs 1 indefinetly.

Put 0 or 1 instead of ?.

\/.0\0/ \|if 0 halt and output "0 "
|\/.1\1/.,\|if 1 output "1" and replace "1" with ","
|\,\1\|replace "," with "1"

Shakespeare outputter

Given enough time this may output a copy of a Shakespeare play.

|\/..\ /.,\|

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