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Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by .yazic
Appeared in 2023
Memory system TODO: categorise
Computational class TODO: categorise
Major implementations TODO: implement
Influenced by +-
File extension(s) .ipd

+/- or IPD is a multi-threaded esoteric programming language created by User:.yazic in 2023 as an extension to +-.


+/- consists of a single accumulator and a character string to handle input.

Command Name Action
+ Increment Increments the accumulator.
- Decrement Decrements the accumulator.
[ Start loop Jump past the matching ] if the accumulator is 0.
] End loop Jump back to the matching [ if the accumulator is non 0.
= Input If the string is empty await user input and put it into the string.

Pop the first character from the string and assign its value to the accumulator.

@ Echo Print the accumulator as ASCII character.

Broadcast the accumulator value.

/ Pipe Create a new instance of this program.
# Listen Listen for a broadcast then push its value to the end of the string.

note that the echo can come from any instance of any IPD program

All other characters are treated as comments and are ignored.




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