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This page provides common code snippets for easy !@#$%^&*()_+ programming, inspired by Brainfuck algorithms.

Push zero


You may replace 'x' represents any character other than the special commands.



Discards the current top member of the stack.


xx_+(Your comment goes here)+

The text inside the brackets will be ignored by the compiler.



Decrements the top member of the stack



Divides the top of the stack by the number of ^'s between the underscores, in this case, the code divides by 2.

Warning: If the dividend is not divisible by the divisor, the code will get into an infinite loop.

Store Input

*^(  _+*^)%(_^_%)+

Works if EOF is -1.

Stores the entirety of the input as individual ASCII values onto the stack

Get Integer

*^(%  _+*^)%(0_+%)%  _+^$($_^_$_^_$+!!!!!!!!!+++++++++^$)+_^_  _+$(_^^^^^^^^^^_$^$)+

This code gets the positive Integer from STDIN and pushes it to the stack. Only works when STDIN has only a number and nothing else.

Note: A program can get slower if the input number is too big.



Turns the top of the stack to 0 if even, and 1 if odd.