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ZiziQue is a very mysterious esoteric programming language. The only thing known about ZiziQue is that, in it, an implementation of Deadfish might look like this:


No visible input method, variable declaration, nor implementation of -1 and -256 resetting is shown. It is speculated that input may be accepted one character at a time, and the number variable could have been predefined, unless ZiziQue is even weirder than it looks.

The instructions are speculated as:

Instruction Potential Purpose Pseudocode
number A numeric variable called number. int n
+n Increments n. n++
-n Decrements n. n--
a*b If a and b are numbers, it multiplies them. Unknown behavior otherwise. a * b
=n,expr Sets n to expr. n = ...
{var} Replaces var to be interpreted first. If number was 5, "{number} would be "5 instead. (...)
[abc] Declare label abc. Labels may need to be 3 lowercase letters. abc:
^abc Jumps to label abc. GOTO abc
!c If character input is not c, it skips to next line. if(input == c)
"message Prints message. print(...)
. End program. halt