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You are Reading the Name of this Esolang is an esoteric programming language invented by Chris Pressey on November 5th, 2007. It is based loosely on the language Spoon and is somewhat similar to the languages Brainhype and onoz. It was intended as an exploration of the design space of languages with undecidable elements such as Gravity and Banana Scheme. The problem of determining whether or not a given string of symbols is a well-formed You are Reading the Name of this Esolang program is undecidable.


The name of the language is pronounced as an English speaker would pronounce "you are hearing the name of this esolang."

Instruction set

0   Interpreted as in Spoon
1   Interpreted as in Spoon
[p] A subprogram: p is interpreted as a You are Reading the Name of this Esolang program.
    The subprogram is reduced to 1 if p halts, or 0 if p loops forever, on the input to
    the main program.  The 0 or 1 is interpreted as in Spoon.



The subprogram [0010000000111001000011] is equivalent to Brainfuck [-]+[], and thus loops forever on any input, so it is replaced by a 0. The subprogram [0] is a malformed Spoon program, thus assumed to halt immediately, so is replaced by a 1. The resulting program, 0010000000111001000011, is interpreted as a Spoon program. It simply loops forever.

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