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Paradigm(s) procedural, imperative
Designed by User:zseri
Appeared in 2017
Type system dynamic
Memory system variable-based
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation ZXTW
Influenced by TEWNLSWAC, Terse
File extension(s) .xtw

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Pronounced eks-too-whack, XTW is the successor of TEWNLSWAC.

There is a brainfuck implementation in XTW to proof turing-completeness: https://github.com/zserik/zxtw/blob/master/examples/bf.xtw

Syntax Differences

From To Description
c <label> <optional: arguments in parentheses> <label> ( <optional: arguments> ) call function beginning at label,

the different handling of syntax for "no arguments" is needed

to distinguish between call (<label>) and expand (<variable>).

c: <type> <expression> c <type> <expression> casting operator
<label> : <optional: a <arguments> ; /optional> <body> r; f <label> <optional: arguments> { <body> } function definition

new Syntax elements

Operator Compat Levels Description
Binary operators
~ 3 → 0 check for type equality