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Wordfuck (also known as Natural BF-based language with common instructions and syntax of that language, or just NBFBLWCIASTL) is a language created by User:Marcsances identical to Brainfuck, except the way to write statements. That makes of Wordfuck even more difficult than Brainfuck (if you want to write beautiful programs, if not, it's just as easy as Brainfuck, but longer).


In wordfuck there are no special words that define an instruction. What defines an instruction isn't the content of the code, but the length of its words.

By word, you should think just of a group of characters separated by a space, so the only special reserved word is the space.


Instructions are same as BF ones:

Length of the word BF equivalent Description
2 . Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
3 - Decrement the memory cell under the pointer
4 + Increment the memory cell under the pointer
5 , Input a character and store it in the cell at the pointer
6 > Move the pointer to the right
7 < Move the pointer to the left
8 [ Jump past the matching ] if the cell under the pointer is 0
9 ] Jump back to the matching [ if the cell under the pointer is nonzero

Sample Hello World program

Until I finish the compiler/converter, I will not be able to guarantee this precious program will work.

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Brainfuck equivalent:


Another 'Hello, World!' program from User:Imaginer1's unofficial converter

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Two more "Hello, World!" programs (this one), converted using n-gram models trained on, respectively, IRC logs from freenode/{#esoteric,##scheme} and European Parliament proceedings as a prior, but restricted to generating a word of the desired length. All punctuation has been removed, for simplicity.

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Sample Cat Program

hello humanoid me speak languages

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