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WhoeverScripts logo
The language's logo.
Designed by Yerik Velez
Appeared in 2020
Computational class Unknown
Major implementations Scratch
Influenced by JavaScript
File extension(s) .wscript, .whoeverscripts

WhoeverScripts is an esoteric programming language made by WhoeverKnew123 which was designed to have weird syntax. This language is not turing complete. File extensions are made up, they're not implemented; It's interpreted in Scratch, it's obviously not gonna support file extensions. (Except .sb3, .sb2, .sb, .sprite3, .sprite2, and .sprite.)


On the interpreter, the syntax goes like this:


Then a dialog appears associated with the command.


All the dialogs are gonna be seperated with the colon sign. :

Hello World

print; : Hello World!


Since this language doesn't have input, it's gonna print whatever text you type in.

print; : The input text goes here...

Find the definition of the word "code" (Definitely useless)

define; : code

External Resources

Scratch Interpreter