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What a mess! is an esoteric programming language by User:A which is extremely messy. variables are defined like this:


and the value can be both integer or string. This is the only command that is not messy here.

$variable, prints the variable's value.
.variable, inputs a value for the variable to take.(If is contains only numbers, it is an int. Else, it is a string.)
do math. For example:

sets x as value 4 and J as value 2 (4-2). Also:


sets a as value honey, b as value moon, and c as value honeymoon (word math only works with +).

condition?do when true:do when false, start an if statement with the condition.
condition:do something, starts a while loop with the given condition.

There are 2 conditions:

> is greater than
< is less than

And, two logic statements:

! not
& and

Example - Hello, World!

hello=Hello World,