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About me

Hello there! My name is William Rågstad, and I'm a CS student at KTH in Stockholm. My interest in language design started after I built my own simple scripting language, then I read a bit more about interpreters, compilers and transpilers, and now it seems that I have also started developing esoteric languages ...

Esoteric languages

Here's a list of all the languages I've created:

A weird esoteric programming language based on words.
Swear words + insult = Swearsult, an esoteric joke language of mere swear words.
  • MindBreak
A language I wish never was made.
  • SSPS
"Svenska Som Programmerings Språk" - Swedish as a programming language. A programming language based on the natural language Swedish where instructions and operations are described with varying wordings and sentences.

Scripting languages

"Make Batch great again" - Me.
(it makes Windows Batch more like an actual scripting language)


And if you're still (somehow) interested in the stuff I do, here's my website...