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I'm WheatWizard, I'm primarily active on PPCG. My favorite esolang is Brain-Flak, and I help maintain its standard interpreter. I also maintain (or at least try to maintain) the Haskell interpreter for Brain-Flak. If you want to get into Brain-Flak or want to talk about Brain-Flak, feel free to contact me. Here would be the best place, but anywhere else is cool too.

I've also made some languages myself, here are the ones I like in the order of how much I like them.

  • Klein, A language about topology
  • Lost, A nondeterministic 2D language
  • Unbalanced, A programming language in which balanced braces are noops
  • Wise, A rather mundane (but fun) turing tarpit about bit wise operations

Another thing I'm involved in is the Add a language to a polyglot challenge on PPCG, I've added about a dozen languages to the polyglot and hope to add more.