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Hello! I am Squidmanescape!

My Languages

I Implemented Them

  • (top, height) - x-coord is top value of stack, y-coord is height of stack (most recent version stably complete)
  • 2Deadfish - two-dimensional Deadfish (most recent version stably complete)

I Probably Could Implement Them

  • (x-coord, y-coord) - family of two dimensional languages without directionality, finite-state automata at least, may never be Turing complete
    • (bottom, height) - x-coord is bottom value, y-coord is height of ???
    • double (top, height) - similar to (top, height) but functionally different
  • Danicb - the Turing-complete language which is represented by the letter f and space (probably completable given spec)
  • Haczyk - the variables trade the characters in the unordered dicts they necessarily contain, trying to find the letters in their names (2nd-most recent version stably complete, most recent version theoretical)
  • Minitree - family of small languages where the code is a tree and the tape is a tree (Version 1 and 2 stably complete, Version 3 theoretical)
  • Morshu - Turing-complete language based on Morshu's dialogue (incomplete)

I Don't Know How to Implement Them

  • Branchback - the language which executes in a tree-based way
  • Capitalsim - some of the variables have to pay the other variables to access their data
  • Meyerand - language which listens to Bertrand Meyer's ideas about break and continue keywords and has no explicit return keyword for a similar reason
  • Descriptive Program - language which specifies code and output, where the interpreter is a machine learning algorithm which is trained on these things


  • 17 ^ 17 = 827240261886336764177

Special Pages

Interpreters in Gray Snail

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