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Hello, you have reached Snowyowl's userpage.

I am guilty of the following languages:

  • A0A0: Instructions are consumed as they are executed. Complicated control flow is possible, but needlessly obtuse.
  • Noodle Soup: An experiment in fix-free codes. (That is, codes which are both prefix-free and suffix-free.)

If you are new to this wiki, you may be interested in these important languages:

  • brainfuck: The most famous esoteric language. Inspired a host of poor-quality ripoffs.
  • Deadfish: Completely useless in every way yet popular for reasons I don't understand. In other words, exactly like everything else on here.
  • Malbolge: Successfully writing programs in Malbolge requires great cryptographic skill, and also some sort of bargain with forces outside this tiny island of light that we call the universe of space and time.
  • INTERCAL: A parody language that predates most of this wiki by a factor of six. Also pretty influential.

Other esolangs/esoterica I find interesting are Underload, BackFlip, HQ9+, Memfractal, Formula, Piet, Burro, and BytePusher. And probably anything on the Esolang:Featured languages page.