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I did

The author of Tiny-First publicly available version in June 2006.

Who am I

I am a Novell/Linux system administrator / Help desk agent. I am currently looking for work.

In September of 2008 I graduated ITT-Tech with an Associates of Science - Computer Networking Systems Degree. In June of 2009 I am returning to ITT-Tech for a Bachelors of Science - Information systems Security degree

Further update - Having graduated ITT-Tech I am now working in a large datacenter in Sacramento CA

Where Am I

I currently live in Sacramento, California, USA.

Getting Floating Point Tiny

I was hosting floating point tiny on a Geocities Hosted web page. Yahoo is closing geocities later this year so I will have to find a new free place to host tiny. In the mean time you can get a copy by emailing me.

Here is my sort of obfuscated email address

(my last name) dot R A at live dot com