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This is the description of my first programming language, if it isn't formatted well or more information is needed, let me know, I don't know how to forum at all, really... Language: NANDulator Creation Date:‎ May ‎14, ‎2021, ‏‎1:12:39 PM (MST)

First, define a binary data tape of any size (or 2D Binary matrix of any size)

Define the ABC function (the only function in NANDulator's original form) [A|B|C] Send the values at memory locations A and B into a NAND gate, and save the result at memory location C A, B, and C are single numbers if using a binary data tape, or they can be 2-dimensional pointers if using the matrix.

Tape command: [(1)|(2)|(3)] Matrix command: [(1|2)|(3|4)|(5|6)]

I'll try to add a program example soon.