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My full name is Pedro Gimeno Fortea. I'm the designer of Bitxtreme, a humorous language claiming to be Turing-complete but in which only 4 possible programs can be written.

I understand a bit of Malbolge. I wrote the sample cat program in the Malbolge page and the Malbolge programming article. I also prepared a cat program which does stop on EOF but never finished it (it already works on a loader which allows arbitrary memory initialization but lacks the initialization code which sets up memory).

I have also written a Malbolge debugger in Python. Please contact me if you're interested.

I'm also the designer of a language (currently in the design phase) provisionally named Describish. The WIP description is temporarily here, until it's complete: User:pgimeno/Describish

For contact, see my current E-mail address in my homepage: