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Hi there! I'm osminee (yes, I know my nick on this wiki is OsmineYT, I just wanted to be cool when I was younger), I'm (almost) 16 and I always wanted to create my own esoteric programming language. And that's all (because I don't write in English very well). My sandbox: here

Significant esolangs I created

Past ideas I might revisit

Old langs

You can find here my unfinished concepts and various other languages I don't really care about. Don't expect any interesting ideas here, as I was still fairly new and didn't have much knowledge about programming nor esolangs in general.

  • Timed
  • bin-8
  • jsfunc
  • USERA (btw project will be not continued)
  • CtrlAltDelete (I haven't created this and I probably won't) (UPDATE: I forgot the initial idea behind this lang, so it is abandoned. Hooray!)

My favourite esolangs

Thanks to User:A for the various implementations!