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Hi! i'm obuqwe

I'm an amature programmer and newbie esolanger, hoping to make something interesting

Esolang projects

note: this is a list of esolang ideas that i intend to impliment in some way, if i documented here every esolang idea i had it'd just be obnoxious

Fully implimented:

working on implimenting:

  • (none,, yet.)

ideas brewing:

  • a language where you can reconstruct the exact scource code and inputs from the memory when the program ended alone, whatever memory medium that may be.

Implimentations & Implimentation Platforms

ending notes

my profile at the moment isn't anything much, though i do intend to stick with esolangs and keep trying to contribute ideas where i can. I'm working on two languages at the moment and plan to have one implimented very soon.

Obuqwe (talk) 01:16, 27 February 2024 (UTC) Obuqwe c(= :)🥕