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I used to go by the name Martin Büttner.

I have created the following esolangs:

  • Retina, designed in 2015, a regex-based language, designed for use in code-golfing.
  • Labyrinth, designed in 2015, a two-dimensional stack-based language, where control flow is determined solely by the layout of the code.
  • Hexagony, designed in 2015, (to my knowledge) the first two-dimensional language on a hexagonal grid. Memory is cell-based, where the cells are the edges of a (separate) hexagonal grid.
  • Brian & Chuck, designed in 2015, a Brainfuck-derivative consisting of two interacting (mutually modifying) Brainfuck-like programs.
  • Stack Cats, designed in 2016 with user:Sp3000, a stack-based, reversible language with lots of symmetry.
  • Alice, designed between late 2016 and mid 2017 with user:Sp3000, a feature-rich Fungeoid with a novel twist on how mirrors affect control flow.
  • Wumpus, designed in 2018, (to my knowledge) the first two-dimensional language with a triangular grid. Memory is primarily stack-based, but there's also a set of 20 registers with icosahedral topology.

I am also a co-creator of

  • Marbelous, designed in 2014, a two-dimensional language, where data (byte values) and control flow are represented by marbles falling down a "board" of devices.

I used to be an active user on Stack Exchange, primarily on Code Golf & Coding Challenges where I love to (ab)use esoteric programming languages and used to be a moderator.