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Hello everyone! I'm a mathematician interested in alternative programming. I've written (sometimes for fun, and sometimes for simulation purposes) some programs in esoteric languages.

For now, I've created a language called FThue. A reworking of Thue.

Some interpreters

This is a Wierd interpreter in Befunge-98. I think this is the first Wierd interpreter in another esoteric language. It receives as input a file name. Obviously I need the 'i' command. I'm also using 't' and the fingerprint IIPC. Probably this can be avoided.

1y4%3-#v_ "CPII"4#v( 'd000 0>:~:' `#v_ $$>1-:2g\:#v_ $#vi 'dI0p0I1p1I2p1I3pII4pII5pn 'Y-7x
                            ^  +1p2\<    ^        <    >na"dnuof ton elif">:#,_1q
                  >na"tnirpregnif CPII deen">:#,_1q
       >na"'i' and 't' sdnammoc deen">:#,_1q
line 0=x, 1=y, 2=dx, 3=dy, 4=next IP, 5=previous IP
at line 6 starts main program
                                        >                                       v
>I0gI2g+I1gI3g+g' -                     |              >  - >>                   02v
 v p61-1/3*2+2-g2Ig3I p60-1/3*2+2+g3Ig2I<              ^_  #^?v
 >016g-26p 06g36p I0g06g+I1g16g+g' -! I0g26g+I1g36g+g' -|
 v p61-g2I0 p60g3I                                      _ 1  >>                  00v
                                                       > 2v >"CPII"4(nIA5g:I5p4p 10v
                                                       ^_  #^t 3>:#- #1_          2v
 >0I3g-26p I2g36p I0g06g+I1g16g+g' -! I0g26g+I1g36g+g' -|   >$ 0I2g-I2p 0I3g-I3pv
 v p61-1/3*2+2-g2I-g3I0 p60-1/3*2+2-g2Ig3I              _0>\|
                                                            >                    0\v
                                                       >  #v_~>        >>        02v
                                                       ^_ ;> ,^;      #^?v
 >16g26p 006g-36p I0g06g+I1g16g+g' -! I0g26g+I1g36g+g' -|  > 1-\'c+\gv
                                     @Pp4p5g4I:g5I:g4I1 _ #^_1-\'c+\p>  >>       00v
^$D;#Pg4I1<; p1Ig1A p0Ig0A p5AIp4IA   _v# p3Ig6+1 p2Ig6:                           <
          |-Ig4I p1I+g3Ig1I p0I+g2Ig0I <                                        <
^         <