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HELLO fellow eggs, I am lilchiky. I like to roam around these mystical lands here in Esolang and have created a few esolangs, along with some other random things that pique my interest.

I mean, to be fair, Esolang's formatting thingy could be considered another language in itself.

Contents [hide]

1 numby one
2 wuts up
        2.1 content!
        2.2 see
3 porcupines
        3.1 a chicken
            3.1.1 a baby chicken!
       the egg...
           what's in de egg?
               de embweyoa!
           did it come first?
        3.2 a porcupine
            3.2.1 an axe
    3.½ wait wut

Esoteric programming languages

I have made:

(that's pretty much it)

I have also made a non-esoteric language, though that project has been scrapped.


I am most proud of my py template that I made c: Just look at this beauty:

import numpy as np

## comment1

if __name__ == "main":
    print("made with py template c:")

External resources

  • lilchiky on Replit, which is where I code most of the time.