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Every single fricking pfp I use.

Why do you exist

I like weird Esolangs Say, I hate it when a language looks unreadable. (sorry Brainf**k.) So I make languages who have really weird execution, (such as making EVERY variable getting fused together and that being to only way to use variables like jeez, first Esolang I make/made), its actually my favorite kind of Esolang, its amazing to see how people make workarounds if existent. For example getting around the lack of if statements in Javagony by using try catch.


Actually a thing language

Ah yes I make them too This is now categorized

Ones im sure are implemented

Please interpret

Hard ones


Only included once two are there

SUB PAGES!!!!!!!!!!

Other stupid things I did

  1. Swallowed a fly
  2. Proved Hello++ Has infinite quines
  3. Code golfed a bit.
  4. Got an nonexistent cheevo there
  5. Solved today's wordle