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Hi esolang. I am Petar Jovanović, born in 1999 so I escaped the Y2K Bug :) A child of a COBOL programmer, I have been interested in old languages and new alike, since a very young age. Currently I'm a student of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, a picturesque country which was once a part of Yugoslavia. Many innovators came from our country, from Nikola Tesla to Milutin Milankovic, leaving Serbia as a fertile ground for science and technology.

A few projects that I made were the Object Oriented Language and the Common Oriented Architecture , which won second place in Serbia on a republic competition in science works. Unfortunately, this language doesn't exist on esolang yet!

Aside from that, I like to use my knowledge and implement some of the un-implemented esolangs, such as Waduzitdo and contribute to the esolang community with my own projects.

Current esolang projects: