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WADAW! This thing here was made to waste your time so enjoy your time being wasted >=)

YT Channel

Why do we exist?

I mean think about it, we know we have a purpose in this universe but what exactly is that purpose? well... oops i thought this is my philosophy essay, SORRY =D

Im a human who believes in a Deity

That's cool I think


Thats a lollipop right?


No? alright nevermind.

Shrimre and Shrine


Luck is lucky

becus luck is lucky, we would luck the luck
yes hahaha.

C0 S0 An Introduction

No. Introduction is in bottom this is why I enjoy wasting people's time =)

Is IkenusDisnem a JellyBean fan? WE WILL NEVER KNOW

Stuff =)

Hi i am IkenusDisnem (NOT REAL NAME). u can call me Ikenus for short cus yeah IkenusDisnem is to loooooong...

These are the esolangs that I have made (first-last = old-new):

  1. Betul Betul BetulLang
  2. It's not a mistake it's an esolang