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Hello! I’m Vacek (pronounced VAH-tseck). I’m a Computer Sciences student from the heart of Europe, namely Budapest. I was born on the fiftieth anniversary of the Netherlands joining the UN and the minus-tenth anniversary of Richard Pryor’s death. I love programming, all things obscure and/or obsolete, cats and cute young females (no pedophilia implied). ;)

To know where you're going you must know where you came from.

This page will be updated regularly as needed.

Me in a nutshell

Why Function call without parameters?

Its C/C++ symbol really resembles... something. ;)

My works

Languages which I have uploaded on Esolang

Bug Computer (2012)

Other projects of mine

None so far.


How to reach me

You can always write me an e-mail at vnul*sNOSPAM(at)gmail(dot)com (replace the star with the letter of the alphabet coming after ‘d’, remove the word NOSPAM and replace parenthesized words with the appropriate symbols.)

Stuff no-one is interested in

Date and place of last edit

Wednesday, the 9th day of November, 2016. In the main computer room at campus, at computer #48.

How I feel today?

●●●◐○ Good (at last!)

Tidbits about me

Nothing so far. (These will be listed as needed.)

My pet peeves

  • The spelling licence, with two c’s (the second c should not be there, it’s license)
  • I like to respell English words arbitrarily, like horisontal and cancle
  • Many more which I don’t list here (at least now)

Closing words

...and I keep hitting de-le-le-le-le-lete!

A reward is yours!

Here is a cute young female as a reward for those of you who read through all this drivel: “👧”