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My languages


Early attempts

I made programming languages before I had heard about esolangs. PHL was just a test, not meant to be esoteric.

  • PHL 1.0 An imperative procedural language with anonymous functions. Not very interesting.
  • Forobj Stack-based self-modifying language. My first esoteric language attempt.

Non-esoteric languages

  • Sve – A dynamic scripting language with first-class scopes. Used for example here.
  • PHL ≥1.2 – A compiled language influenced by C++ and D.

Summer 2014

  • Goldfish This is interesting.
  • Twocode Visual peogramming language.
  • Lii A "pure" object oriented language.
  • SYCPOL A system card programming language inspired by COBOL.

Winter 2014-2015

  • Fortob The successor of Forobj
  • Iexp An infiex expression programming language.

Winter 2015-2016

  • Röda – A non-esoteric scripting language

Summer 2016

  • PScript – A non-esoteric non-scripting language

Winter 2017-2018

  • Tampio – A Finnish programming language
  • Ende – A queue-based prototype-oriented language

Languages by type


Sve · PHL 1.2 · Röda – PScript

Mildly esoteric

These languages were created for fun, but the author can imagine similar real-use languages.

PHL 1.0 · Lii · SYCPOL · Tampio


Ende · Forobj · Fortob · Goldfish · Iexp · Twocode

Languages by series

PHL series

PHL 1.0 · PHL 1.2

For series

Forobj · Fortob

ncode series

Onecode · Twocode