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I like esolangs

Thanks for User:DmilkaSTD, where I store this from

I’m just some normal guy who is interested in the wiki and it’s languages. Truttle1 helped me get here.

Languages I made:

Dig | My first esoteric programming language

  • Inspired by ><> and Befunge.
  • Centered around a dig mechanic the uses a 3rd dimension.
  • Only certain commands usable depending if you’re over or underground.
  • Also could be used for jumps or functions.
  • ”Low” amount of commands.
  • If 16 was low.
  • Horrible memory and storage options. Read the Dig article for why.

Dig straight down like an idiot (DSDLAI)

  • Joke Language based of Dig.
  • Where digging can potentially kill you.

GIO/Golf In One

  • Uses Simplified ASCII/SASCII (yet to be made). Realized that’s dumb.
  • Does it already exist?
  • Is based on functions, so “main”, then “print”, then “string”, and so on.
  • So I guess everything is a function.
  • Heres what I would imagine (print a):
The first set of parentheses is main, second is printing, then finally, the third is “a”.

You know, this is looking like the solution to everything. Maybe I’m too ambitious...

Dig 2 (WIP)

  • Dig but improved.

Other Pages of mine


User:Emerald/E Awards



More about me

I am pretty chill about my stuff, so don’t expect me being any special. Also, I really would like if more people could find esolangs more easily. I don’t feel like the random article button is much.


Here’s a list of things I like in order of interest.

  1. Esolangs
  2. Python
  3. Creativeness
  4. Geography


Things I dislike on the other hand...

  1. Hard to understand articles

Languages I like and you should too

><> (Fish)

Fish is one of those esolangs that I manage to understand, not because of logic, but because of simplicity (not too simple though). It takes the 2d grid concept, and makes it into an intuitive, and of course stack/based experience.