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Hi, I'm stazarzxy or Digital Hunter. Feel free to discuss things with me. I'm not quite sure what I have to offer. Here's a list of good candidates:

  • I probably exist.
  • I came up with the language Surtic while bored one summer.
  • I don't like to spend my work time fooling around and spend my free time working on silly ideas -- but I do it anyway.
  • I very much like cats.
  • I came up with the language Rubic while bored another summer.
  • I like things other than cats as well.
  • I would have existed for the first time in 2003, if it is to be assumed that I exist at all.
  • I came up with the language Parse this sic while very busy one winter.
  • You use first- and second-person pronouns interchangeably.
  • I worry sometimes that my languages are too straightforward.
  • I came up with the language Teramithic while very busy the next winter.
  • You wonder faintly whether this is another pattern in development.

If you have an email registered on the wiki you can email me here. Not sure why you'd want to. I might reply eventually.