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DanielE, someone who is learning to program and is interested in (making) esolangs.

I’m now busy with making an interpreter for Bruzzet, my newest creation in construction. My GitHub name is [CDannie], so don't get confused.

Esolangs I made

SimpleBBQ is an esolang mostly based on the letters B and Q and barbecueing in general. page is not done yet, but you can clone the interpreter from my [GitHub]. Note: there is an input bug in the interpreter. Maybe you could make a pull request?

Xjansk Forsaken project.

Bruzzet is my newest esolang in construction! It will be a bracket puzzle, hence the name. You’ll hear more about it soon!

I make all my interpreters in the C programming language. Sub to my YT channel: [DanielKwinkel]

Idk what to write more. Thanks for reading. Have an amazing stay on my profile.