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Hello, my name is Jeffry Johnston, welcome to the page about me (calamari) <=K.

The language that got me into esoteric programming is Brainf***, and it continues to be my main esoteric interest. I've invented a few languages of my own, the first being Numberix:

  • Numberix, a hex/Wierd/BF mix, September 16, 2000
  • BitChanger, a minimalistic BF variant, December 2, 2000
  • Bubble, a bubble-sort based language, February, 2001
  • Esofunk, multiple attempts at an BF/Befunge mix for Eso OS, February-March, 2001
  • Hanoi Love, a stack language, April 30, 2001
  • Spaghetti, a language requiring GOTO, September 14, 2001
  • Linguine, a Spaghetti derivative, November 23-24, 2005

I've written many BF interpreters and compilers. For calculators: Casio CFX-9800G, HP48, TI-82, HP41 (unfinished). For consoles and computers: Atari 5200, TI-99/4a, Java, QuickBasic Extended (PDS 7.0), 8088 assembly language (a few for MS-DOS and a special boot sector version for BOS).

The esoteric contributions I've made that I'm most proud of are my BF targetting compilers. BFBASIC compiles a Basic program to BF. BFASM assembles to BF. During my writing of BFBASIC I discovered a 2 byte per array cell implementation (the current best was 3). This was further improved upon in BFASM and ported back to BFBASIC. I also pioneered a line numbering scheme that made a form of GOTO possible in BF (the latest refinement of this is quite fast).

Current esoteric work includes EsoShell, a simulated *nix console Java applet, for experimenting with esoteric programming languages directly from a wiki, and research into BF instruction minimalization. I'd also like to design the Fractal language, one program being mentioned in Star Trek as a Fractal encryption code (unbreakable by the Borg).

calamari's webpage

CVS version of BFBASIC

EsoShell beta