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I have been tinkering with BitBitJump, mostly. Now I wish to further the research on optimized program code production, while sharing the insights, compiler and interpreter program's source code and hardware implementations designs.


Contributions to the BitBitJump version featuring a Path Selector Bit

This user is contributing the paragraph "Featuring a Path Selector Bit (BBJ Machine)" (BitBitJump#BitBitJump_variations), a "copy&select" BitBitJump machine that copies 1 bit and selects the next instruction with the selector bit. The bit that selects one of the 2 possible next instructions can be written in the copy phase like every other memory locations. This allows conditional jump without the necessity of having the ability to modify program code while the program is being executed, because the data memory is changed, not the program memory. Further, because the 2 possible instructions are stored in the instruction, so there is no need for having to perform increments of program counter. The current instruction register stores the address of the current instruction and is modified in the jump phase (selection of program execution path). So the instruction format is 4 non-negative integers (2 data addresses, 2 instructions addresses). The 2 data addresses are used for the read bit+write bit, bit copy execution phase. The 2 instructions addresses point to the 2 next possible instructions (only one of them is executed).