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This is a list of languages that I consider to be notable. It's mainly intended for myself, so it is quite subjective. However, I have tried to follow these criteria:

  • Personally I think that the languages on the "good language list" should be implemented. I realize that some very good languages have not yet been implemented, although visitors should be able to try out these "good languages".
  • The language should have a decent specification (either external or on the wiki); this means that it is correct both in language/presentation and in content. It should also be complete.
  • The language should not be under development, it should be more than a concept.
  • The language may not be convertible to an earlier language by replacing lexemes from one language with lexemes from the other language. Note, this applies only when there is a "one by one" replacement.
  • The language must contain a new or unique concept. This is of course hard the objectively determine, but let us assume that making a brainfuck version with a tape of complex numbers is not unique enough.
  • It is preferred (but not absolutely required) if the languages are of historical importance to the esoteric programming language community (eg. brainfuck).
  • Something notable (eg. an interpreter, a prime sieve, a quine that is not the empty set of instructions...) has been implemented in the language. This does not include the "Hello, world" program, nor does it include a square root finder in a language that has a built-in operator to do this. This highly depends on the language. For example, a cat may be hard to write in one language, whereas it might be very trivial in another.


  • My own languages are not necessarily on this list.
  • I tend to add only the first of a large amount of languages, eg. I will add Gammaplex but not Omegaplex, Brainfuck but not Brainfuck++, etc.
Language name Author
/// Ihope127
Brainfuck Urban Müller
Gammaplex Lode Vandevenne
Malbolge Ben Olmstead
Befunge Chris Pressey
Unlambda David Madore
Thue John Colagioia
Underload ais523
INTERCAL Donald R. Woods and James M. Lyon
Deadfish Jonathan Todd Skinner
Piet David Morgan-Mar
Whitespace Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
Burlesque Roman Müntener
Snowflake ais523

This list is obviously far from finished.